Brother PE535 is a great embroidery machine for beginners If you are an embroidery beginner, this machine is a great first purchase and has proven to be a very popular choice over a number of years. It is an embroidery only machine. The benefit of being an embroidery only machine is

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Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

PE800 embroidery only machine

Brother PE800 is quite likely the best  embroidery machine on the market Do you love stitching beautiful embroidery designs to clothes and accessories? If yes, you need an embroidery machine like Brother PE800. This is an easy-to-use machine that can be used to create dazzling embroidery designs. The machine offers

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Singer 7258 – Computerized Sewing Machine

singer 7258 review She likes to sew

The 7258 is an award-winning Singer sewing machine It’s no surprise that Singer’s 7258 sewing machine is an award-winning model, and a worthy investment. It has won the Consumers Digest Award twice! It’s so easy to use that beginners can start using it by following the clearly defined instruction DVD

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