Brother 1034DX Serger Review

The Brother 1034DX is a user friendly and popular sergerBrother 13034DX serger review

The Brother 1034DX color-coded guides show how to easily thread the machine. The stitch width adjustment creates flat lying seam finishes. The brother 1034DX creates decorative edges, ruffles and gathers.   You can also use colored threads for a decorative appearance.  It has a detachable trim trap that conveniently collects the fabric trim while the serger knife does the trimming and serging.

What are the key features of Brother 1034DX?

  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • Stitch width 5mm – 7mm
  • Stitch length 2mm – 4mm
  • Color coded threading
  • Differential feed dial prevents puckers and creates gathers
  • Stitch width control
  • Automatically adjusts to the fabric type
  • Adjust style with its adjustment dial
  • Removable trim trap
  • Weighs 16.4 pounds

Brother 1304DX serger differential feed ratioBrother 1304DX easiest serger to useBrother 1304DX serger features1304DX color coded threading


What are the uses for different foot attachments?
  • Use the Blind Hen Foot for utility stitches, attaching fabrics and laces, joining and edge stitch
  • Gathering Foot for serged edge, gathering, gathering and edging finish, joining fabrics
  • Standard foot for general purpose sewing rolled hems and seams, trimmed edges


What’s great about the Brother 1034DX?

  • Can work with 3 or 4 threads
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Adjusts to fabric type
  • Convenient stitch length and style control
  • Foot controller controls stitch speed
  • Nice neat serging
  • Instructional DVD
  • Free technical phone support for life
  • 25-year limited warranty


What’s not so great about this serger?

  • no chain stitch or coverstitch
  • must be oiled before use and instructions for this are hard to find


What accessories are included?

  • Blind hem, gathering and standard feet1304DX serger accessories for serger stitching
  • 4 mini serger thread spools
  • Foot controller
  • Soft cover
  • Instructional DVD and manual


What are our final thoughts?

The Brother 1034DX is a worthy investment if you are an avid sewer or a  keen beginning sewer you’ll find this an ideal serger to start with. It works fast to give good results. Not only does it sew different fabrics but also cuts extra fabric and simultaneously binds it with thread.

Can a serger replace a regular sewing machine?

While a serger machine will not do everything regular sewing machines do, a regular sewing machine doesn’t do what it does either!  A regular machine is needed for topstitching, buttonholes, zippers, and so on. For a professional finish on your seams, you can’t beat a serger so it’s a great machine to invest in.