Burnette 33 Review

Beginner sewing - Burnette 33 Sewing Machine

A great basic sewing machine, the Burnett 33 suitable for a wide range of materials and projects. It is an excellent machine to learn sewing skills on.

This is a no frills mechanical sewing machine that’s really simple to use. It gives really good characteristic results without having to spend a whole lot of money. Burnett 33 is a quality basic sewing machine that is strong and durable.

Key Features

  • 860 stitches per minute
  • maximum stitch width of 5 maximum stitch length 4mm
  • 15 sewing stitches
  • front loading bobbin
  • manual sharp thread cutter
  • auto-reverse lever
  • stitch choice dial
  • length dial
  • retractable feed dog
  • twin needle sewing
  • needle threader
Bernette 33 sewing machine for beginners


  • button sew-on foot
  • botton hole with slide
  • zipper foot
  • blind hemming foot
  • 4 bobbins
  • darning plate
  • needle set
  • foot controls
  • seam ripper
  • large and small screwdriver
  • oiler


  • semi-automatic threader
  • all the settings can be adjusted by turning the two knobs
  • needle threader is easy to use
  • guided threading with diagrams on machine


  • considered a little noisy although it does have lots of power
  • doesn’t allow a lot of room for skill growth past the basic level

Is the Bernette 33 recommended for beginning sewers?

Final thoughts

I love the features of the Burnette 33 that make it really simple to use which is just what you need when you are learning new skills!

Threading the machine is guided by diagrams ion the relevant section of the machine making this process really simple.

The two round knobs are easy to adjust to the different stitches and to change the stitch length.

The stitch width allows for for decorative sewing, appliqué and making creative edges.

I love that the needle threading is made so simple. You don’t waste time struggling with this, you just get right into sewing.

The adjustment of pressure of the presser foot makes it suitable for many fabrics–which gives you the options to tackle some interesting sewing projects with the Burnette 33.

This this machine has excellent power, several layers of fabric can be sewn easily.

You can buy lots extra accessories so once you get going this will provide even more options for you.

The 4 step button hole is obviously a bit harder than an automatic buttonhole, however, with a little practice it will be easy enough. 

Overall, the Burnette 33 is a solid performing, value for money sewing machine for the beginner sewist and for those who want that extra portable sewing machine. 

Bernette 33 button hole
Burnette 33 reverse

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