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Hi, I’m Melinda.best sewing machine

Are you looking for the best sewing machine?

We’re here help!

One of the things I love is sewing and so is helping others find the best sewing machine for their needs!

I’m a work from home Mum and I feel really lucky to be able to spend my time doing the things I love!

At Sewing Machine Advice we help you sort through information about sewing machines on the market to help you buy your next machine without huge levels of frustration. Comparing what’s on the market is time-consuming! We do the research for you!

I want to help you buy the best sewing machine with as little fuss and time possible.
  • Are you a beginner who needs guidance with information to help you decide which is best for sewing machine you?
  • Are you branching out into a new area such as quilting or embroidery and need to know what to look for?
  • Maybe you have always dreamed of owning a serger machine to get the professional finish on your seams?

Whatever you stage or sewing needs we want to help you!

A little about my sewing past………

As I grew up I learnt to sew partly because it was thought a necessary skill, along with cooking of course! In fact, my mum still has the needlebook I made in elementary school in her sewing kit! Ah, the memories…..

Anyway, the years have flown by and I have spent many enjoyable hours sewing and creating! You name it, I think I may have made it, or attempted to!  Dresses for special occasions such as bridesmaids, copying that must-have designer dress I couldn’t afford to buy, making quilts, clothes and toys for my children, tableware and the many curtains needed as we moved house.

Of course, sewing is not always been plain sailing!

The times I have fought with a machine to get it to do what I thought it should; that’s one way to learn patience!  The battles with the tension and getting it just right, trying for the perfect buttonhole to get that professional finish. Thank goodness for the modern machines and all of their features!

Something about me keeps wanting to try new ideas and learn all I can.

This is why I have begun my website SewingMachineAdvice.com

I want this site to help you get the best sewing machine for your needs, remove the frustration and save you time.

That’s the beauty of the internet, there is so much you can learn while still being at home and so much you can do to help others!