Quilting Machines

Quilting is popular across many countries and if you’re keen to create quilts using a sewing machine take the time to read through our information on the best quilting machines.

As with anything we buy getting the best machine for your budget should be a major focus of your search. If you are just starting out with quilting or you are a seasoned quilter, choosing a quilting machine of good quality will provide you with better quality quilting. You will own your machine for a long time so you want to have a quality machine that will give you lots of pleasure and not lots of frustration!

Choosing a quilting machine from the overwhelming choice on the market can really test your patience! Which machine? Which machine does what best? Which brand to choose? How can you make a choice that is best for you? This guide will sort all of that for you.

8 essentials to look for when buying a quilting machine

When looking at machines consider these essentials:

Number and types of stitches: It is really important to note the total number of stitches available on the machine and ask your self if you like what is offered. Does the range suit your particular needs?

Adjusting the stitches: How much control are you given to control the lengths and widths of the stitches? The best machines will also let you change stitches in the middle of something to create beautiful looking work

Strong thread tension: This is needed when sewing through multiple layers of fabric. The best machines provide strong tension, so your thread won’t break or overwork your motor.

Presser feet: Also think about the type of presser feet provided with the machine. The most important foot in quilting is a typical walking foot.

Drop feed: To achieve quality patterns you will need a machine that allows lift of the pressor foot as this is needed with free-form patterns in quilting.

Weight: This really is a personal choice with advantages for both heavier and lighter machines. Heavier machines are more difficult to handle if you need to move your machine from place to place, however, they do feel firmer and are very stable when sewing. Lighter machines are portable and great if you need to take your machine with you.

Speed and speed adjustment: As you become proficient speed becomes more important because the faster you can sew the more you can achieve! So it’s a significant factor when buying a quilting machine that you look at the speeds and also if you can adjust the speeds in a way that will suit you.

Wider deeper tables: Having a larger work are is important for the sewing quality when quilting as you work with larger pieces of fabric.

Many quilting machines can also complete everyday sewing tasks and some also come with embroidery options including downloadable patterns that can be altered in many ways to create your own designs. They have a range of customizing options including patterns and fonts which can be changed to suit your preferences.

Buying a quilting machine gives you lots of options to create many more original projects than a regular sewing machine.