Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The heavy duty Singer 4432 sewing machine is built for beginning sewers

If you are looking for a quality sewing machine packed with important features and suitable for many projects, the Singer 4432 is a great choice.  SINGER is a leading sewing machine brand globally and the 44 series is perfect for beginners who are on a budget. It is durable thanks to the heavy duty interior metal frame. The Singer 4432 has made its mark in the market for top specifications and affordability.  It’s built for heavy use and works efficiently with thicker fabrics such as denim.

Features     Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine review
  • 1,100 stitches per minute
  • 32 built-in stitches
  • 3 needle positions
  • 6mm maximum stitch width offers a wide range of decorative stitches for a bolder look
  • Adjustable upper thread tension
  • Automatic needle threader will save you precious time
  • The workspace has an LED light for you to clearly see your projects
  • Top drop-in bobbin has a clear cover view for easy and quick threading
  • High-speed sewing with a motor 60% stronger than a standard or other computerized machine
  • The stainless-steel bed plate gives you an even and consistent sewing for most types of fabric
  • It is sturdy, and the noise level is low
  • The free arm allows easy access to collars, pant hems, and cuffs
  • Automatic reverse to secure and reinforce stitches
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • Machine voltage of 110v

Singer 4432 clear bobbinSinger 4423 stitch selection Singer heavy duty 4432 easy use dials

Pros of Singer 4432

  •  Suited to beginning and experienced sewers
  •  The machine provides three needle positions
  •   It comes with a 32 built-in stitches option including 18 decorative, 1 buttonhole, 6 basic,    and 7 stretch stitches
  •   It is easy to understand and use even if you’re new to sewing
  •   Has a classic charm infused with new technology
  •   It is highly durable and its weight makes it stable so it doesn’t move when sewing.


  • Some users felt it is heavier to move around
  • The machine is mechanical but priced as the computerized sewing machines
  • With a speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, it can be intimidating for novices, and its powerful engine may be too much for some people to handle.
  • It has an extensive warranty that covers most issues, however, service is only covered at official Singer repair facilities.


Bring your ideas to life with a stitching speed of over 1 100 stitches per minute. The machine caters to the needs of both beginners and advanced users with adjustable speeds. Depending on what you’re sewing, you can set the speed to go as slow as you want or at full speed. Completing projects has never been this fast and easy.

Ease of use    Regardless of your current level of skill, setting up the Singer 4432 is straightforward. It is a mechanical machine which makes its parts easily accessible to everyone. You don’t require extra skills to become accustomed to the machine. It comes with a printed manual for quick reference.

Design    The Singer 4432 boasts of a compact design that you can use on any work table. This Singer heavy duty sewing machine is embedded with a stainless-steel bedplate so you can easily sew all types of fabrics. With a nice shade of grey and white knobs, this machine is sure to catch your eye.

Price range    For a trusted brand with such high-speed functionality and capabilities, one can easily think of it as expensive. However, the Singer 4432 heavy duty sewing machine is created for the lower price market. Home users and expert sewers who are looking for professional results will benefit greatly by using this machine.


What are the best features?

This machine is really easy to set up and simple to use. Its speed and durability are also important features for the sewer to consider.

SINGER has taken their customer service to the next level with the Sewing Assistant App. The App supports the Singer 4432 model by giving you step-by-step guidelines on how to set it up, change needles, and select stitches. Plus, a one-on-one chat with the assistants makes for the best user experience. Furthermore, the app is available on Play Store and Apple Store for mobile users and offers services in more than 6 languages.

    • Button sewing foot
    • Zipper foot  Singer heavy duty 4432 accessories
    • Edge/Quilting guide
    • Bobbins
    • Screwdriver
    • Spool Pin
    • Pack of needles
Final thoughts
 If you handle a wide variety of garments such as leather jackets, denim, doll clothes, simple repair or creative designs, the Singer 4432 heavy duty sewing machine is versatile and powerful. Its real value is in the durability, affordability and reliability.

This all-rounded Singer 4432 gives you plenty of resources for all your sewing needs.